Spouse Visa For Migration To Australia

One of the dream countries to settle in includes name of Australia in the top listings. Many people want to go to Australia not only for professional reasons but also for settling in there permanently. Best features of Australia admired by immigrants include easy lifestyle and work avenues. Due to the official language being English, people from worldwide find it comfortable to work and settle in there. Australia is currently housing large numbers of people from worldwide. We have been serving Australian immigrants for more than a decade for their visa needs including those for getting a Spouse Visa For Migration To Australia. Following are an important consideration, you must consider before applying for spouse visa of Australia.

Eligibility To Apply

A spouse/partner can apply for spouse visa of their partner. If your fiance is also a citizen of Australia, they can apply. Other people who can apply for spouse visa could be permanent residents of Australia or citizens who are eligible for New Zealand visa. This visa must be for minimum 2 years.

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There are different sub-classes for spouse visa rules, listed down; 

Sub-class 820

This Spouse Visa For Migration To Australia is temporary. Under this visa, one can move and work in Australia while living there. This visa comes with extended eligibility. This visa will be transferred to a permanent visa under 801 sub-class after 2 years of residence in Australia. It, however, depends upon eligibility assessment. While applying, the applicant needs to be present physically in Australia. You can also apply for your ex-spouse. One privilege of applying for Australia is that partner can apply for both temporary & permanent visas via single application charge. It takes two stages for processing of the application.

Sub-class 309

This clause addresses temporary visa. If after passing of 2 years, your relationship with your partner is genuine, you can apply for permanent residence. For an application under sub-clause 309, the applicant needs to be outside the premises of Australia. When permanent visa is granted, one may be within or outside Australia. However, application for a spouse visa is must in all cases.

Basic Visa Application Requirements

One can apply for a spouse visa if he/she fulfils following requirements:

  • Both spouses are of or above the age of 18 years
  • Applicant needs to be a de-facto partner, spouse, or future wife/husband of the Australian citizen. Partner must hold a permanent residential visa or he must be eligible for citizenship of New Zealand.
  • Partner agrees to sponsor the other spouse for minimum 2 years
  • For a married couple, their marriage must have valid recognition under the law of Australia and must be over a year at least
  • Those in a de-facto relationship, their relationship must not be new and they must have been together for 12 months
  • Both must provide proof of their commitment and their relationship being genuine
  • Partners must meet health & character parameters

These are few of the considerations that are minimum required for getting Australian visa. For further details, we assist you from day one to your immigration to Australia. Good day.

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