Australia Visa

It is not difficult to find a resemblance to heaven on earth if you can manage to go to Australia. Not only it has vast & varied landscapes, beaches and unique wildlife, it is an interesting continent. Lifestyle is lavishing and people enjoy healthy environment. For workers, there are also benefits that take under the blanket of benefits not only local but also foreigners. You can get there for touring or you can manage to start a business there or you are a skilled person and looking out for an amazing opportunity to start your career in Australia, yes in either case, we help. Before you apply for the Australian visa, that one must be aware of some essentials. These include:

Know the type of your visa

Application process

Follow up after application submission

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Know The Type Of Your Visa

We can provide you with complete information and assistance throughout the process of making application. Before you apply, you must know what type of visa you want to apply for. From information to application forms submission, we provide complete advice and guidance. You will feel like you just tell us what you want and we manage the rest for you. We can also assist you regarding selection of visa. If you are unsure about which type of visa corresponds to your need depending upon your skilled profession or business needs. Common visa types are:

  • Temporary work visa
  • Business visa
  • Bringing family or spouse visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Resident visa
  • Citizenship by the descent
  • Student visa
  • Visa for medical treatment
  • Transit visa

We mainly provide assistance with respect to business visa and work visa along with spouse visa.

Application Process

  • First of all selection of visa type is required; we can help you with that. Your business visa must be appropriate to the reason for travelling to Australia. We will then provide you with a relevant application form for visa
  • Next step is to attach supporting documents to the visa application. Again, we will provide details along with the checklist for the relevant visa. You will need to provide the supporting documents for application to be made
  • In order to avoid the delay in the application process, one must submit all necessary documents at the right time
  • Next step is to deposit visa fee. This is to be submitted as bank draft document. Service charges are part of our consultancy fee
  • It is mandatory to get prior online-appointment for submission of application. We will help you get this appointment at Australian-visa application center (AVAC) where an application is lodged and biometrics are submitted
  • If any additional information is required, AVAC will contact you

It is better to apply early to travel within time.

Follow Up After Submission

After submission of application, follow up is necessary. Depending upon application submitted in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, application status is easy to check by entering details of VLN & birth date.

From start to your final departure from Pakistan, we manage all tasks efficiently and effectively.

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