Australian Immigration Website

The Australian High Commission guides you to the categories of available visas, transfer options, application processing criteria, application processing fees and other necessary details. You can find its services on the official website. Always remember that South Australia and Western Australia have great job opportunities.

Australian Immigration Website

Do you know the sixth largest country on the planet? Yes, it’s Australia. It is not just a state but a continent as well. Australia is the most sought after place for immigration purposes. A number of people apply for Australian immigration applications every day. Has a history of successful migration stories since 1945.

Australia is a resource-rich country. It has a number of opportunities for people who move there. Immigration to Australia has been successful for many people around the world. It provides ample room for a better lifestyle. It is set to the country’s large economy and lifestyle of people.

Although the economy is largely strong with rich resources for economic growth and social development, but due to relatively smaller population, the labor force is low. Australia calls on immigrants from other countries to live and work there. They are building opportunities to allow people from other countries to take advantage of the available resources to a large extent. In contrast, the Australian government is getting an improved economy.

Australian Immigration Website

Provides you with great opportunities to study and work, leading to better living standards. Australia enables skilled emigrants to pursue a career in their most accessible skills. Students are welcomed each year to enroll in a variety of study programs. Or simply apply for Australian immigration for a better lifestyle.

Australia is a great country rich in culture. More and more people are interested in migrating to Australia because of the benefits and attractiveness it offers to its citizens. Some of these include:

Civilized Nation

The citizens of the country are polite, courteous and very helpful. They are educated people who appreciate others and their efforts. They warmly welcome people from other countries. Their treatment encourages people to go for migration.

Australians love sports. Their favorite sport includes cricket, rugby, football, tennis, hockey and swimming.

Wonderful landscaping

Australia is enriched with natural beauty. The scenic scenery attracts people from other countries. There are lots of parks, beaches and other places one can enjoy the visit. If you are a nature lover, Australia has to offer a wonderful setting to make you stay there.

Health Facilities

Australia is a state with advanced medical treatment resources. You can get the best doctors for your treatment through their experience, knowledge and exceptional abilities. In some cases, the Australian Government also provides free health facilities for migrants suffering from certain diseases.

Career Growth

As a result of immigration to Australia, you can improve and develop your career development opportunities. Skilled Australian immigration in particular provides a number of employment opportunities for migrants. The Australian Skilled Immigration Service also allows you to start your own business. So, in terms of wealth and fame, the Australian government is very supportive because it allows you to work there.

Opportunities For Your Children

Australia is the second best place to provide a healthy and growing environment for children. Your child can have access to the best education, sanitation, employment and personal growth in Australia.

Great options for postgraduate studies

Australia has to offer well equipped and modern universities with highly qualified and capable faculty. You can get the best education at an affordable price. The country encourages immigration to Australia for Pakistani students.

Permanent residence visa

The Australian Government grants a permanent visa if you meet the immigration requirements and other rules and procedures. This means that you can live and work in Australia for an indefinite period.

As a result of immigration, you will receive a visa for five years. After 5 years, you can get your permanent visa. This way, you can travel to and from Australia any time you want.

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Immigration Requirements Australia

Australian immigration website guides you about the requirements to immigration to Australia. Government provisions to welcome people coming to Australia as a result of immigration to Australia are also impressive.

Reasonable living Standard

Australia provides a high standard of living at a lower cost. Goods and daily products are of good quality but prices are very reasonable.

Australian Immigration website offers a number of benefits but you can take full advantage of them. You must have good knowledge about visa categories.

If you plan to migrate to Australia, you should first consider immigration options. There are different categories of skilled Australian immigration visas. The most common among them is the Australian Immigration Visa subclass 489, subclass 189 and subclass 190.

If you are a qualified, ambitious and talented person who wants to have better and lasting career opportunities, you must apply for the appropriate category of skilled Australian immigration visa.

Australian Immigration Law: Citizenship and Residence Law Changes Focus on Australian Values!

Immigration to Australia

The Australian government has announced significant changes in citizenship laws in the country, asserting that newcomers are expressing their commitment to the nation and “Australian values.”

Basic changes in the Australian Citizenship Act:

To obtain Australian citizenship, the applicant must prove that he meets the requirements of “public residence”, ie, that he is physically present in Australia at least:

The last 4 years, for any temporary or permanent visa or bridging, for a maximum of 12 months abroad;

During the past twelve months, a permanent visa, for a maximum of 3 months abroad

Earlier, it was possible to calculate the time spent in Australia on a temporary visa or a bridging visa towards the 4-year requirement in (I) above. The new change  will require applicants to have a permanent visa for 4 years before applying. This would require applicants to wait for another 3 years before applying for Australian citizenship.

The English test will contain more components.

Migrants with a history of domestic violence and organized crime can be banned.

These new changes listed above will make immigrants who apply for Australian immigration undergo a rigorous citizenship test that will assess their commitment to Australia and their attitudes towards religious freedom and gender equality. Moreover, persons with a history of domestic violence or crime records will be excluded from citizenship.

Applicants will be required to demonstrate that they have become integrated into Australian society, for example by joining clubs for a social cause or by providing proof that they work and their children at school, college or university. In addition, the applicant must undergo a rigorous English language test, which includes the components of “reading, writing and listening”.

If the applicant fails the test three times, he or she will have to wait another two years. The coalition will have to pass the changes through parliament, but if they do, those who apply for citizenship today will be subject to new rules.

The government has yet to decide how the values ​​of Australia will evaluate citizenship, but the test should primarily focus on social issues such as respect for women, children, child marriage and domestic violence.

If you’re looking to move to Australia with your family, we recommend that you contact Australian immigration website specialists who will help guide you toward Australian citizenship in the end.

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