Australian Immigration Requirements

Want to go to Australia; here your dream comes true. We are the pioneer Australian consultants that have fulfilled the dreams of thousands of people over years. Australia is known as dream destination for studying, working, business establishment and touring. Before you finalize your decision to go to Australia, you need to keep certain facts ahead. Those with skill and professional education have bright chances for working in Australia. While working there they can apply for permanent residency. Thus Australian visa comes with many more benefits. Following are the visa types that skilled workers can think of before applying for one:

Skilled Workers Regional Visa

This is for individuals who have enough education & qualification for qualifying for a skilled visa. This is specifically for individuals who aim to settle in any specific territory and state.

Skilled Workers Independent Visa

This independent visa class is labelled as subclass-189. This is one of the most applied for visa category. It is geared for workers who are skilled and whose demand is higher due to their particular profession. These individuals don’t need a family or state sponsorship.

Skilled Workers Nominated Visa

Nominated visa falls under subclass 190. This serves the purpose of individuals who need to emigrate towards Australia as they got sponsorship from Australian territory or state.

Skilled Workers Provisional/Nominated Visa

Labelled as subclass 489 this is a visa on the temporary basis. Under this visa, skilled immigrants choose to live & work in Australia`s regional area. These individuals get sponsorship by the Australian territory or a state or a relative living in Australia.

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Visa includes five transmissions:

1 flow of business innovation

2 Investor Stream

3 flow of significant investors

4 Premium Investor Stream

5 Emprendedor Stream

Basic Requirements To Apply For Australian Skilled Visa

Considering the above visa types, the following are the requirements for getting skilled Australian visa:

  • Your age must be above 45 at the time of submitting the application
  • Your English speaking and understanding must be sufficient for working in Australia. Minimum level required is competent level
  • When you apply for a skilled visa you mention one skilled occupation that is as per your skills & qualifications. Before you mention one, check this skill`s availability on the list of medium & long-term skills list.
  • When a person applies for a skill respective the ASA authority assesses mentioned skill, so, avoid mentioning false skills.
  • Applicant must have good health. Panel doctors make health assessment of applicants where they undergo medical examination
  • Last but not least important is the character assessment. The good character of applicant is important consideration
  • You must be nominated by the government body.
  • You must be requested to apply for the visa.
  • To request the flow of business innovation, you must have experience in the ownership and operation of the business.
  • To request the flow of investors, you must have at least AUD 1.5 million to invest.
  • To request a significant flow of investors, you must have at least AUD 5 million to invest.
  • To request the flow of premium investors, you must have at least AUD 15 million to invest.
  • Must meet the additional requirements of the relevant stream.

Sometimes candidates fail to meet basic visa requirements or points test or both. In this case, you need to fulfill the shortcomings for continuing with general skilled Australian immigration. We can handle every aspect of your immigration process from application to departure. If you want to know about working visa for Australia, skilled occupations covered for visas, application, registration, submission process or any other matter of significance particularly relating to Australian immigration, contact us today.

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