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Australian visa acquisition is neither difficult nor impossible as some people exaggerate the difficulties they encounter. One of the main steps for getting Australian visa is to get Australian immigration points. We are independent Australian immigration consultants that have helped thousands of people to fulfill their dream of going to Australia for years. We offer comprehensive immigration and visa services including immigration advice, document checking, visa processing and all that at exceptional rate of success.

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Skilled visas are in high demand and if you want to go to Australian on an immigration visa, we will direct you right. Majority of skilled visas to Australia comes with requirements for scoring minimum points on a points table test. Few of these include points for

  • Skilled employment
  • Age
  • English language capability
  • Functional qualifications
  • Study requirements
  • Community language credentials
  • Studying in the regional Australia
  • Professional points

There are points that skilled workers need to secure in order to qualify for Australian visa. In total 20 points are awarded for combination of the skilled employment. Have a look at the following requirements for points under different categories:

Points in nominated skill employment of for a related occupation
Work experience (years) Points
At-least 8 but <10 20
At-least 5 but < 8 15
At-least 3 but < 5 10
At-least 1 but < 3 5


Independent skilled subclass 189 60
Sponsored skilled subclass 190 60
Regional sponsored skilled subclass 489 60


It is not difficult to pass immigration test to reach Australia for skilled profession. Here are points that are more relevant:

Points With Respect To Age
While submitting application (years)
From 18 to 24 25
From 25 to 32 30
From 33 to 39 25
From 40 to 44 15

Points To Secure With Respect To English Language Proficiency

Superior English ( this is for persons having score of eight or above in IELTS in all components of test 20
Proficient English (this is for persons having score of seven or above in IELTS in all components 10
Competent English (this is for persons having score of six or above in IELTS in all components No such points necessary

Australian immigration points play an important role in facilitating the availability of Australian visa. You must get the minimum points to qualify. Better points further improve the application process and speed up the chances of success.

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Earning More Emigration Points for the 190 State Nomination Visa

Having a career on MLTSSL and registering 65 points means you have applied for a top 189 visa. But 60 points do not mean you are out of competition and you have an occupation in the list of occupation of the state / territory. You can then apply for a 190 visa. This is possible if you have received a state visa from an Australian state, points up to 65!

Scoring Only 55 Points

Do not feel frustrated, you still have a chance, under the category of 489 sub-visa. When applying for this visa, you can get a 10-point payment. This is a “temporary” visa category and after two years you can apply for a 887 public relations visa, but in the first two years you must live in a regional area.

Additional points

If you can not get 55 points, your partner is under the age of 45 and has an occupation in the skilled trades list. You can make a 5 point payment and then get a state visa to get 5 extra points, up to 60 points!

You see, there are loopholes that will be used by an experienced Australian immigration agent to make your success in Australia a qualified immigration visa successful.

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