Are You Eligible For an Australian Permanent Residence Visa?

Australia is one of the best countries where you can live and work permanently if you are a skillful factor. Opportunities for personal and professional growth and development in this country are endless. However, you must have the skills that the Australian government needs and the economy.
Generally, to apply for a permanent residence visa, you must follow a point-based migration system to determine your eligibility. Based on the points you gain from certain factors, such as age, educational background, work experience, and English proficiency, you may be eligible for an Australian skilled immigration visa, making you a step closer to achieving permanent residence (PR).

Benefits of PR in Australia

Most skilled workers from all over the world are thinking of becoming permanent residents of Australia because of all the benefits they can get.
To help motivate you to apply for an Australian Skilled Migration Visa, here are some of the rights and privileges you can enjoy once you become a permanent resident of this country.

Live and work in Australia for the rest of your life

Apply for citizenship after spending a certain number of years in case of permanent residence
Leave Australia and enter it at any time during the first five years (this can be renewed once the criteria are met)
Ensure that your family and relatives are in Australia, provided that the support requirements are met and accommodation criteria met
Access to free and subsidized health and legal services, as well as other privileges to Australian citizens
PR requirements in Australia
In fact, becoming a permanent resident in Australia offers a lot of benefits. But before you earn these rewards, you must first determine whether you are eligible to apply for an Australian permanent residence visa.
The following are the things that you must accomplish in order to complete the Australia PR main requirements.

1. Gather all important documents needed for your application.

In addition to your travel and education documents, you also need to obtain a skills assessment report and proficiency test results in English.
A skills assessment is necessary to determine the type of skilled permanent immigration visas you are entitled to apply.
As a full service immigration company, we at Pathway Visas can help you with this. All you have to do is click on the “Start Free Assessment” button on our website and answer the simple questions that are asked. After submitting your answers, expect one of our qualified staff to contact you, giving you a full assessment. Then, be assured that we will provide you with all the basic information you need for successful migration to Australia.

2. Choose the right visa

Depending on your situation, you can choose from these three types of skilled immigration visas that you can get:
Freelance skilled visa (189)
This visa is designed for skilled workers who have no care from the employer, territory, state or family member in Australia. Because it is a point-based visa, you can obtain this visa based on your profile score, experience, and skills. It provides permanent accommodation for you and your family.
The prerequisites for this type of visa include the selection of a career listed in the SOL or Skilled Trades list in Australia, scoring at least 60 points and less than 50 years, and obtaining valid personal and health certificates.

Designated skilled visa (190)

This type of visa is designed for skilled workers who have received nominations from an Australian state or territory. Once you have chosen, you will receive an invitation to apply or ITA for this type of visa. But note that you must apply for the visa within 60 days of receipt of the ITA.
Once you have been granted this visa, you must live in a county or guardian state for at least two years before you can move to another Australian state.

Skilled Regional Visa (489)

This is a four-year temporary visa designed for skilled workers who require their abilities, expertise and skills in specific states or regions of Australia. This type of visa allows you to work and live in areas such as Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria or non-urban areas of Western Australia and New South Wales for up to four years. However, you need to get sponsorship from a particular Australian state or territory and choose a career from the occupation list.

3.Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

After determining that you are qualified for immigration, the next step is to log your EOI. This is crucial because this will place you in a pool so you can be invited to apply for a visa. Generally, your EOI can be accepted between 4-8 months. There’s no need to worry because when we assist you, we will always provide updates throughout the process.

So do you have what it takes to become a permanent resident of Australia? Don’t delay because now is the best time to take your first step towards your Australian dream. You don’t have to undergo this process alone because we are here to help you – from the beginning to the end. And if your matter is urgent.

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