Apply Australian Visa Online

Australia is the dream destination for working, studying and starting your business. However, in order to get to Australia for either of these purposes you need to have Australian visa. Getting Australian visa might be luck, but right process of application with right documents and at right time with regular follow up are the matters that actually matter.

Apply Australian Visa Online Process

How to apply for an Australian visa:

1. Select the type of Australian visa you need

With Visa Finder, select the type of Australian visa you need! You will need to enter it yourself, requiring you to choose

(a) the type of visa

(b) passport country

(c) age

For this Australian visa guide, we will process the Visitor Visa (Class 600) which allows tourists to visit Australia for the following purposes:

To visit or for business visitors purposes
For up to 3, 6 or 12 months

You are eligible for a visitor visa (Class 600) if you are traveling to Australia:

  • As a visitor
  • Business Visitors
  • To visit the family

Applicants who have received visitor visa (Class 600) can:

1.have a holiday
2.Visit friends and family
3.Carrying out commercial visitor activities
4.Study for up to 3 months

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2. Sign up for ImmiAccount

Then, sign up and create an ImmiAccount account, an online service is facilitated by the Australian Government. However, this is the only site from which you can access online requirements. Without an ImmiAccount account, you can not continue the visa application process.

3. Completing the application form online

Once you’ve confirmed your ImmiAccount account, you can continue to fill out your online application form.
Questions include personal information, travel history, financial ability, purpose of visit, health! Be prepared and make sure you enter realistic information into the system. Remember to save your information so you can edit the form at any time. With this feature, you can also check the information in your application!

The ImmiAccount online application is equivalent to Form 1419, so you can use this as a reference or training copy. However, there is no need to print this application because the online application saves input information into the system.

4. Prepare the documents required for your application

Like any other visa application, there are several documents required to support your application. Depending on the type of visa and your personal circumstances, a list of requirements will be provided to your account. Although you can refer to this page for a list of vague requirements, here is a list of specific documents that we think are important to the app:
Image page should not contain broken lamination
The passport is valid for more than 6 months from the intended date of travel

NSO birth certificate

If you intend to request your NSO birth certificate, you can request it
Passport size

The official size is 45 mm x 35 mm in the normal background
Applicants are required to write their names at the back of the image

Previous and current visas
For the travel log, check the pages of all valid and expired visas and stamps

Bank Certificate
Submit an original bank certificate issued within the last 3 months

Income tax returns
Employment certificate or employment contract

Sample Australia route
Applicants will need to record their activities on a day

Flight and hotel reservation
Although you do not need to get these documents when you apply, it can help you with your chances – but there are no guarantees.

A return flight ticket can prove to be your intention for an informal settlement in Australia

All of these documents need to be checked and uploaded to your ImmiAccount account. Then, check the box to indicate that you’ve successfully uploaded the scanned documents to include in your application. Also make sure your documents are in .JPG, .PDF, or .PNG format and must not exceed 5MB! Refer to this page to find out how you can properly attach the required documents to your ImmiAccount account.

5. Payment of application fee

After reviewing the application form and the required documents, you can continue to pay! Although the application rates may vary depending on the type of visa or even the exchange rate, the visitor visa (subclass 600) can cost about $ 140 Australia to $ 02020 Australia. Credit card charges may apply.

6. Submit the required documents

After you pay and select the order again, it’s time to finally click the Submit button! Almost immediately, notification and receipt notification will be sent to your registered email. From here, all you can do is wait for your Visa grant notice which can be up to a short period of up to two days to a month.

7. Print the visa grant notification

If you receive the word that you have received an Australian visa, you are congratulations! Another thing that needs to be printed is a Visa grant notice to be presented when entering the skirt and out!

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Skilled Professional And Scope In Australia

Skilled persons have chance of going to Australia to work there. They can ultimately settle there if they want to. Prospects for bright future for skilled persons in Australia are far more as compared to many other countries. One of the visa subclass is that of subclass 190. This subclass is for skilled applicants with skills that are in high demand in Australia. You can check these skills by going through the occupation list as per states or territories. This subclass is ideal for skilled applicants who have secured enough passing marks but desire faster processing of their visa. Just like many other visa types, subclass 109 is point-based PR work permit. It is mainly for applicants who are skilled experts. It is also for people with nominations from a state or territory of Australia. If you succeed to get this visa, you can reside and professionally carry out work anywhere via specific state sponsoring. These applicants can also add family members to visa-petition. This is an all family visa via which you & your family can work and live in Australia on permanent grounds. You can pursue studies, enroll for Medicare, social security, apply for citizenship etc. You can also provide sponsorship to your relatives for Australian PR.
We offer skilled immigration services from scratch to your final departure to Australia. Being reliable, we have the credit of serving thousands of customers over years. If you hold Australian skilled visa, you have countless opportunities for bright future.

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